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Contact Us - Open Sundays! (410) 580-2970
ExamPro Gives You
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the OB/GYN Oral Boards



You are at the last stage of testing before you become a certified DO.
ExamPro will give you exactly what you need to pass the AOBOG Oral Boards.

We Are The

ExamPro has been offering OB/GYN Oral Board exam prep services for 20 years and has a pass rate average of 97%. With a reputation like ours, you know you're in good hands.


We Have Exactly The Course For You...

ExamPro's has OB/GYN seminars that cover all aspects of the AOBOG Oral Boards. You'll be totally prepared for every essential topic and technique.

ExamPro Saves

ExamPro has mastered the art of imparting only exam-relevant information, reducing study time 20:1. Our Oral Board prep study materials include Flash Drives, MP3 flash drives, manuals and online learning options.